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Draw Bench

Draw Bench

Draw Bench

Stoker offers various types of draw bench, automatic draw bench, semi automatic draw bench. The pulling capacity is up to 125 Tons. Draw Benches are available in single chain pulling system, with single or double tube loading framing option.

The pulling load is applied to the geometric center of tube, because of which the breakage of the pointed length of the tube is virtually eliminated. The high speed return trolley with parallel tube loading system minimizes the idle time for loading.

These machines are designed to sustain required load.

The drive either through A.C motor with variable frequency arrangement or through D.C motor with Thyristor Controlled (for speed control). The drive is coupled to Helical Gear Box and Main Drawing Shaft either directly or through pinion of bull gear which drives the sprocket wheel and draw bench.

Draw Bench is offered with Complete Automatic Tube Handling Solutions & Semi Automatic Type Tube Handling System. We also offer Manual Type Tube Handling System.

Draw Bench is a simple MS fabricated girder 25'/155' long. A trolley with wheel & hook is mounted on the girder. The trolley has special arrangement to clamp the rod/tube. In between the girder there is a chain which moves all along the length of girder & is driven by a reduction gear box & motor.
Draw benches are available for single or double rod process simultaneously.

Capacity of Draw Bench
Draw benches are manufactured as per the OD of rod/tube to be drawn & length of rod/tube required typically draw in dia rod & 20' long.


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